New Chapter? Soon…

People have been asking for any update on the latest chapter. Have been too busy to reply to the comments and the mail, so I hope this post will answer the questions.

The next chapter will be released soon. A week more, at max.

GDocs Link for the Notes Section that people talked about in the comment section of Chapter 19 post. Kindly pay a visit and help, if you can.

Link : Click Here.


Chapter 19 up

Before the link, do you all want faster releases? If yes, then know that the delays that I take are mainly because of me reading previous chapters in order to not contradict what was written earlier. With few chapters, this wouldn’t be an issue but with 18 chapters, this becomes a major issue and checking 4-5 chapters again and again takes a lot more time than you’d think.

So, please help me by contributing and arranging important things at one place via comments. How to do that is explained on the pages. Just click the links. If you do not wish to help, that’s okay too, just know that the delays will be constant and will keep increasing the way I see it. All these links are there in notes also – 





Anyways, the link to chapter 19 : The Mountain

1). Sharing your Work with readers and 2). Fanfic On The Sphere?

As an author who started this book at Japtem under ‘Fanfic’, having a fanfic on my work brings me ineffable pride.

This is just to let you all know that I have no objection regarding a fanfic on my work provided :

  1. You let me know by either dropping a comment here or by emailing me on

  2. You only use the stuff that I have already written; general things can be used as you wish.
    For example :

a. You can use all the general profession that you want : Paladin, Necromancer, Warrior, Blacksmith, Fighter Genk, Black Magician (the last two professions because they are out in the book), etc. but please refrain from using any other hidden profession(since they could be among the things that I have planned out for the future.)

b. Wish of tragedy and Power Soul of Fire can be used freely, however don’t make up your own ‘wish’ or ‘power soul’.

c. You can let your imagination run wild w.r.t. weapons, wand, etc. I have no objection to it, whatsoever.

I ask these simple things because this is only the starting of The Sphere. Perhaps after some more volumes, I will remove these limitations as well but that’s in the future.

Thanking you all in anticipation for understanding.

If you want to share your work and discuss with the readers of The Sphere who frequent this site, use the comment section below. I don’t mind if it’s a fanfic on Sphere or not. I wish you all the very best to get more readers.

Chapter 17 up and Other Things

Other things :

Donations : 

That’s a big NO, PayPal doesn’t allow Indian users to use their donation services. Sad, but true. So, if you still like to donate and can afford it, carry on reading. If you can’t, still carry on reading? XD

Downloads : 

I spent two hours and finally made a good enough PDF for volume 1. Now, it’s available in the downloads tab in two versions : Paid and Free, but guess what, both are same. Yes! So just think of the paid version as a donation area where you can buy the book for any price that you want. Just remember to input the price at which you wanna but it in the summary box on the left side after you click the ‘buy now’ button.

Next Release : 

This marks the end of Volume 2. Yay! Never thought I would actually come this far.

I have to take admission for M.Tech. and the list which tells me which college I got based on my marks, comes out tomorrow, so wish me luck. I will be out of city for counselling and then I have my b’day on 11th June and I have to help my sister to reach her exam venue the following week. So, I will let you know the next release day on June 18th. Till then, have fun and I hope you enjoy reading the PDF. Don’t forget to vote on Wattpad :D.


Chapter 17 : The Wish Of Tragedy